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Continuing A Local Tradition

About us

Where It All Started

The Pony Restaurant began long before current owners Neal Harrison and Alexander Stoll took over in spring 2009, it’s what most of the locals consider a Pemberton original. Originally The Pony Espresso, it all began as a local coffee shop, restaurant and “hub” of Pemberton.

Both Neal Harrison and Alex Stoll, strive to use locally produced and ethically raised ingredients and what place could be easier to do that, than at the heart of the extremely bountiful Pemberton Valley, in British Columbia. Our fries are hand punched from russet potatoes from Kuurne Farms, all our burgers are made from organic, ground in-house beef from Blue Goose Cattle Company in the South Caribou Region of BC, all our draft beers on tap are from micro-breweries in BC.

Our atmosphere is unbeatable, whether you’re outside on our patio people watching and taking in the view of Mt. Currie in July, or cozied up inside while our wood burning stove roars away in December, you’re guaranteed to feel at home. Our food showcases both Chef Owners fine dining experience but is presented in typical rustic Pemberton fashion.

The Pony Restaurant Owners Neil and Alex