The Pony Restaurant | Pemberton, BC

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    The Pony Restaurant

    The Pony Restaurant provides guests with a fine dining experience presented in typical rustic Pemberton fashion.

Locally Owned, Locally Loved

Our Story

The Pony Restaurant has deep roots in the community of Pemberton, B.C. Originally known as The Pony Espresso the local coffee shop, restaurant and “hub” of Pemberton. When new owners Neal Harrison and Alexander Stoll took over in spring 2009, they focused on serving delicious meals using locally produced and ethically raised ingredients from right here in the Pemberton Valley.

Comfort Food

Our Menu

We strive to use locally produced and ethically raised ingredients and what place could be easier to do that, than at the heart of the extremely bountiful Pemberton Valley, in British Columbia. Enjoy a delicious, filling meal with ingredients sourced from minutes down the road!

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